Business Setup Advisory‚Äč

ProBiz provides expert guidance and support for establishing and structuring new businesses. With in-depth knowledge of legal, financial, and operational aspects, we assist entrepreneurs in navigating complex processes, analyzing market opportunities, and developing effective strategies. Our comprehensive services ensure a smooth and successful business setup, tailored to specific goals and requirements.

Financial Risk & Regulation

Financial Risk & Regulation (FRR) services are designed to help businesses identify, manage, and mitigate financial risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes areas such as credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. Expert advisors can help businesses develop effective risk management strategies to protect their financial health and reputation in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

Company Formation & Registration

Company formation and registration is a crucial step for any business. Expert assistance can help businesses navigate the legal and administrative requirements involved in registering a company, including paperwork, legal compliance, and incorporation formalities. This ensures a smooth and successful launch of the business and minimizes future legal and financial risks.

Regulatory Compliances

Regulatory compliance is essential for businesses to avoid legal and financial penalties and maintain their reputation. Expert advisors help businesses develop and implement compliance strategies, identify risks, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. This includes areas such as data privacy, environmental regulations, labor laws, and financial reporting, among others.


Taxation is a crucial aspect of business, and expert tax planning and compliance services can help businesses minimize tax liabilities while ensuring regulatory compliance. Tax advisors can also help businesses optimize their financial strategies, identify tax-saving opportunities, and navigate complex tax regulations to achieve long-term financial efficiency.

FDI Advisory Services

FDI advisory services offer comprehensive support to companies looking to expand into new markets through foreign direct investment. This includes market research, due diligence, legal compliance, risk assessment, and entry strategy development. Expert advisors help businesses navigate complex regulations and cultural differences to successfully establish a presence in foreign markets and achieve sustainable growth.